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Film Wedding Photography

Documenting Weddings on 35mm & Medium Format Film

For Life
Documenting Photographer
Berlin based Film Wedding Photography
35mm & Medium Format analog Film Shooter, Lomo Toycameras, Polaroid & digital.
Not really a Writer.


analoge Hochzeitsfotografie auf Film Shooter mediumformatfilm 35mmfilm Wedding Photographer - Contax645

Film Wedding Photographer

I moved to Berlin, i am still a Film Wedding Photographer and i am still in Love with analog Photography. So far so Good, except for the Beach its a wonderful City. So if you are looking for a Berlin based Wedding Photographer who happend to shoot 35mm & Medium Format Film and has a digital backup. It would be an honor. I would shoot most parts on 35mm and medium format Film, its less harsh, more soft but crisp, just perfect. I would use Lomo Toycameras for Fun, Nikon SLR´s for Action or Leica silence for White Tie Weddings. For every Situation there is a perfect Tool. On top i have a selection of Nikon Digital Cameras for Backup, for my Wedding i would shoot as much Film as possible. As said it lasts much longer and looks more natural, and everybody wants to look like it.

So please, take a look around and tell me what you think.